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SkyPro is a different way to enhance your swing action. It’s a small sensor that matches imperceptibly through your grip and monitors your club’s motion throughout a swing. This post is then transmitted wirelessly for your smartphone or tablet, which supplies instant feedback on key options that come with your swing. Make practice significant, and also have more enjoyable too, with SkyPro!


  • A swing analyzer for all golfers, that mounts to the shaft just below the grip, fitting clubs from wedges to the driver
  • Ultrafast 3D performance to explore your swing with complete 6 degrees of freedom rotation at a smooth 60FPS for entire swing exploration
  • SkyPro adaptive alert system identifies concerning swing parameter areas for golfers and helps you fix them
  • Visual, interactive comparisons overlay your favorite swings and find out what went wrong
  • Groove your swing and make practice perfect by using SkyPro practice drills
SkyCaddie SkyPro Golf Swing Analyzer