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The NITE-HAWK ball predator is really a new electronic golf tool that allows you to find considerable amounts of lost golf balls. It really works in low light environments, either after or before your game of golf (from dusk till beginning) or on your round in forest & shrubbery.

The NITE-HAWK emits specific short-wave light making normal baseballs illuminate inside a miraculous way. Of all classes are enourmous levels of “invisible” lost balls hidden within the rough, grass and under leaves and also the illumination means they are detectable, Even balls with simply one percent uncovered surface could be identified. Finding many balls in a nutshell time is fun, its lucrative and protects the atmosphere.

The NITE HAWK is really a specifically designed fun accessoire that for sure belongs to your bag. Finds as much as 100 balls each hour. While lake balls lose their quality and length in play, lost balls maintain their quality (no persistent contact with water).

  • The NITE-HAWK is a ball retriever for finding large amounts of lost golf balls.
  • It works in low light conditions mostly at end or after your round of golf.
  • The NITE-HAWK emits defined short-wave light which makes normal golf balls illuminate in a miraculous way. This triggered illumination is strong enough that balls with only 1 % exposed surface can be identified.
  • On most golf courses big amounts of lost "invisible" golf balls are hidden in the rough, bushes and under leaves and lots of them can easily be "harvested" with this golf gadget/ball retriever.
  • Finding many balls in short time is fun, it´s profitable and protects the environment. If used as ball retriever for yourself or as golf gift/golf present: More than 100 individual FIVE STAR reviews/ratings give you 100% confidence in the NITE-HAWK performance.
NITE-HAWK Golfball Predator – Golf Ball Retriever Light